The Redneck AtheistWelcome to the site of the magnanimous Redneck Atheist and his faithful, trusty and quadrupedal companion, the sometimes lucid, Matilda the goat.

This website revolves around the life and times of myself, an average guy who happened to lose his faith in Christianity. Having been born and raised in the south, this has turned into somewhat of a social encumbrance. Especially given the religiosity of the state of Mississippi in which I reside. In my journey towards atheism, I suddenly found myself becoming quite vocal about things which I considering as violations of personal liberty and matters of conscience committed by the godly all around me. This sometimes lead to somewhat comical encounters with family, friends, coworkers and even strangers but mostly this lead to myself becoming something of a social pariah. I quickly discovered that all of the horror stories I had been reading about atheists being ostracized by their communities, which sometimes had even led to violence, might very well not be quite as over-dramatized as I had once believed. I was rapidly losing Facebook friends and my relationship with my own father, who is a fundamentalist Christian, was becoming strained.

So, I came up with a plan. I created a Facebook page and used that as a platform for expressing my thoughts and sometimes my adventures. This eventually grew to the point where I needed a platform that was more customizable and expandable. Thus, this website was born.

Some things you can do while here:

  • Read the blog.
  • Grab your sister and a beer and try to figure out what the hell this is all about.
  • Come to my Facebook page and insult my lineage.