There both is and is not much to tell.

I live in the southern part of the US. In what is euphemistically referred to as the bible belt.

I went through a long progression of seeking out answers to all of those cliche speculations on life; What’s this all about? What’s the meaning of all of this evil? So on and so forth. Needless to say, when I get to looking into a question, I rarely stop digging until I’m done. After a very short period of time, I soon realized that something was gravely amiss. This started me on a mad, frenzied search to get to the bottom of things and it wasn’t long after this that I came to the startling conclusion that my faith was, well worthless.

This bit of searching led me to another conclusion–besides the disquieting one about there being no god and all–, not only was the Christian god not in any sense founded on fact but even worse, religion and it’s raving practitioners were and are a serious problem. I quickly discovered that almost everywhere I looked after the rose-colored glasses came off, that the godly were attempting to lay waste to humanity and it’s achievements. They had stifled and suppressed progress; censored, or worse, destroyed countless sources of knowledge throughout history. Adding further insult to injury; the religious, I found, were almost always on the wrong side of nearly every single moral argument to be had and further, was I absolutely floored to find that almost all of the bloodletting in the world was, faith based. Startling revelations to be sure.

It wasn’t long after these conclusions that I started to find myself having a serious urge to constantly correct people’s nonsense and superstition that were degrading and sometimes harmful. Knowing very well it probably wasn’t the best idea around these here parts, to go announcing my atheism and correcting the pious country folk around me; I did the next best thing. I started a Facebook page. I’d been debating in forums and reading exhaustively for probably a year or two before creating the page and finally deciding it was time to get a bit bolder, I opened the page and off I went on my anti-theist crusade aided by my trusty goat, Matilda.

The blog posting came a bit later and I actually have a Christian to thank for getting my mediocre writing career started. A wonderfully sinister Christian introduced me to all of the nuances of abusing the Facebook reporting system and to defend myself and explain what happened, I had to use WordPress to put up a blog post, complete with screenshots, detailing the event. I’ve now expanded my voluminous media empire and purchased my own domain. I’m quite sure the pundits at Fox News are at this very moment, cowering in their dressing rooms, perspiring profusely and begging to be spared my searing wrath. Luckily, I have not loosed Matilda on them quite yet.

The rest, as they say, is history and here we are dear reader. I sincerely hope you enjoy my inane blatherings on the site. Feel free to comment or drop me a line.