Everyone having a great time. Except the guy who was pointlessly murdered, and is most likely at the morgue having a decidedly less joyous time.

Chick Tracts – The Amoral, Diarrhea Like Splattering of Calumnious Bullshit.

Allow me to introduce you to a world. A world you have probably never seen before. A world of child molestation and abuse, rape, torture, and murder. A world of darkness, of misery and grief, the likes of which will send the proverbial shudder trembling down your spine. In this world of perpetual terror, the […]

The Confusion of Rights

After having witnessed the odious ongoing kerfuffle of the unsuspecting masses coming into collision with unbelief and encountering for the first time, and much to their horror, someone who dared to not take them or their deity at face value; I find myself developing a quite thickened callous on my forehead from repeated strikes against […]

The Redneck Atheist Position

Since I’m often asked this question, I thought it might be wise to make an answer available for everyone to reference. As in a previous post, this will not be an in depth debunking of every religion, but a summarized if brief, overview of my position. The Atheist Position No sufficient evidence has ever been […]

Understanding An Atheist. A Personal Letter.

This is a letter that I plan to send to a pastor in my area. The pastor had sent me a friend request after a brief discussion on the subject of criticizing religion. We’ve had many exchanges over facebook since then and one of these exchanges has now resulted in the pastor blocking me from […]