Joel Wright

Catholicism SNAFU

In a case that will be far from shocking to the secular community, yet another member of the Catholic Church has been arrested on charges stemming from attempting to adopt a female infant that he could rape. Joel Wright, a 23 year old man from Columbus Ohio was arrested at San Diego International Airport by […]

Everyone having a great time. Except the guy who was pointlessly murdered, and is most likely at the morgue having a decidedly less joyous time.

Chick Tracts – The Amoral, Diarrhea Like Splattering of Calumnious Bullshit.

Allow me to introduce you to a world. A world you have probably never seen before. A world of child molestation and abuse, rape, torture, and murder. A world of darkness, of misery and grief, the likes of which will send the proverbial shudder trembling down your spine. In this world of perpetual terror, the […]