Exposing a FaceBook troll.

Having had this blog for awhile but never truly deciding what to do with it; it seems now I’ve found a great use for it. I’m now going to use this as a way to combat the badly behaved religious fascists on facebook. Everyone should know, or have been witness to at least several incidents in which theists have had content removed, admins banned or pages shut down entirely because they believe that they should not be criticized in any form. This has now happened to my page as well.

On my personal account, I follow a page called Calling All Atheists. As the name suggests, this is a page that, at least used to, make an attempt at discussion between atheists and theists. It has progressively devolved into an all out page for religious proselytizing, and a general hateful diatribe against atheism in which criticism or argumentation will get you banned. I’ve watched many comments deleted and users banned.

I watched as a post went up to on CAA and screen capped the status:

Calling All Atheists

So, I watched with a passing interest and posted the image to my page with the description “I’m almost convinced this page is a Poe”. Keep in mind, CAA is a public page which anyone can see. Then the following topic arose with this post to the CAA page:

photo (1)

Now this is where the trouble starts…

Fullscreen capture 162013 103147 AM.bmp

The second comment is the one I took exception to for two reasons, the first and most obvious, it’s absurd to say that anything you don’t believe is therefore a lie. Secondly, Wayne Curry( a commenter on a status) had been banned for calling out a lie just previously to this. Rhonda then proceeded to report the above image, which facebook dutifully removed. Now, she didn’t even address the image, she stated that I was lying that someone had been banned from CAA. So I posted this screenshot I took directly from the CAA wall:


So, Rhonda did the only thing that was available to her, she reported the image. Which was again dutifully removed by facebook which initiated a 24 hour ban of my posting abilities. I couldn’t even like statuses on my personal account.

What happened next was a long drown out conversation between a friend acting as an admin, my wife(another admin) and Rhonda. The entire conversation was mind numbing incoherent vomiting of inconsistency, hypocrisy, conspiracy theory, and lunacy that ended with a thinly veiled fascist threat from Rhonda:

photo (2)

That’s right, a threat that says that she will be watching. That her arguments lack any merit of their own and that she cannot take any critisism at all. That if she sees anything she doesn’t agree with or criticizes her, she will have it removed because she can’t defend herself.

You are a coward Rhonda, of the worst stripe. Fearful, childish and insecure.

187 thoughts on “Exposing a FaceBook troll.

    1. Citing the bible to prove the bible is circular reasoning.

      Have you not seen the picture of a napkin that has the phrase “The napkin religion is true because it says so right here on this napkin” written on it?

      Anyway, if we keep going you run the very real risk of learning how to think as opposed to demanding what other people think.

      1. I heard they used a cloth the size of a napkin to first cover Jesus’ blood stained face before they wrapped Him in linen cloth. I heard that when the tomb was entered that the ‘napkin’ was found folded on the bed where Jesus lay.
        I heard that in the old days, if the Master needed to leave the table before he was finished with his meal (like to go to the bathroom or something), He would ‘fold’ his napkin…. indicating to the servant NOT to remove his plates because he would be returning.
        I believe the folded ‘napkin’ in the tomb was a message to us from Christ He wa
        s indeed NOT finished and WILL BE returning.
        So what do you think of MY “napkin” story RNA?
        BTW, we all think what we will…. so be it.

        1. First off, none of the gospels agree on much of the tomb story so I’m skeptical of any details and wouldn’t consider much of it positive evidence for much of anything.

          As for thinking, you should try it on sometime.

          1. John 20: 7 as well as the burial cloth that had been around Jesus’ head. The cloth was folded up by itself, separate from the linen.
            Read it and weep….

  1. Hmmm napkin story…..well where is the photo of this said napkin? How did they even know the word napkin at that time? You say you “hear” these things but how do you hear those things? Do you believe every book you read as fact? Fact is seeing something for yourself not “hearing” about something a millionth hand. The new bible is no where near what the original works said. So which do you follow? The old or the new? If you follow the new then you realize things were changed to suit the purposes of people seeing a much gentler God then was foretold in the past.

    1. There’s no evidence on that page.

      Well, one thing. There’s evidence of someone writing about a napkin 40+ years after the event in question. John I don’t think was written by a man named John.

      There’s evidence to suggest that it was based on an earlier text.

      1. As I stated earlier, only a true desire to know Jesus will reveal to your hearts the truth of the ‘evidence’ you have in front of ur eyes. Satan will continue to blind the faithless, this is no surprise.
        Jesus will & does prove Himself to the faithful. I am evidence of that. and any christian worth their salt to stand in the face of atheism & claim their faith is also a living testament to His (Jesus’) superiority on earth.
        You can scrutinize the scripture all you want, but they will confound you to your end… just as they say they will. That’s Gods plan and He will see it carried out.
        I understand WAY more than you can fathom RNA…. way way more!
        It is not my place to break you… you have to break your own chains, just as I broke my own. That’s how Jesus/God works. That “free will” thing.

        1. No, what you’re doing is allowing your biologically driven, irrational mind, that was evolved oer millions of generations to run unchecked.

          Everything you just said is completely understood in psychology and neurology and evolutionary psychological terms. And has been for some time. You just displayed every basic emotionally drive cognitive biases.

          There’s nothing, nothing in your subjective experience that leads me to believe that you own personal conformation bias is any more reality than a Muslims.

          Let’s be serious for just one second. Rhonda, every single Muslim would and do say almost the EXACT same thing you just did. If I allow this as evidence for your faith, I must allow it for others.

          Do you allow the same evidence for Islam?

  2. BTW… I believe in the concept of this story just as I believe in the concepts of all the stories of the Bible… written and recorded to teach us and build our faith & give us hope.
    You can say what you like about any of it…. it doesn’t change the ‘believers’ hope for Christ inevitable return.

  3. I understand that is what YOU believe and what is ~true~ to you… But it is not THE TRUTH.
    The TRUTH is known to those who seek the one true God with their hearts… not with their heads and the devil sitting on their shoulders guiding their ways. The TRUTH will always be veiled from ppl like you RNA… You will always ‘feel’ you are right, when you are very wrong. You will always accuse me (Christians) of whatever doesn’t make sense to your ‘earthly mind’ BC you will never be privileged by God to KNOW the truth. It is ppl like you… like Penn Gillette, and many more who have such a huge ego to push you on, fooling only yourselves and not the wise. I see right through you and I think this is what amazes you about me & my tenacity. The only thing I am sorry about in our meeting is…. we met! I could have lived my life without knowing of your existence or this page’s pack of lies and deciept…. but God put me here for some reason He has yet to reveal to me. So I guess I will endure to find out what that purpose is.
    May be that at least ONE of your followers will hear the truth of my words, guided by the Holy Spirit, and they will find Jesus! Ya never know, and I may never know that either… but that is the thought I will hold on to.
    Who knows… it just might turn out to be YOU RNA!!!

    1. Well, that’s where you’re a bit off.

      First of all, you’re using the term “belief” in a completely different context than I use it.

      When I say that I believe in something, it’s due to either what is an objective observation or something for which a scientific consensus has been reached.

      I don’t believe something in the same way that you do. Your belief is simply because you feel something to be true. For instance, your Christianity. You believe in only your version of god and you believe this on no evidence whatsoever. In this context, you have a “belief”. I have no such belief or system of belief.

      You’re confusing what I’m doing and conflating it with having a belief.

      I find it odd that you, like many other Christians, apply your logic only with regard to Christianity. You don’t allow other religions to do the exact same thing that you do. Muslims for instance, do the exactly the same thing with their belief and their reasons for believing. Yet you dismiss their claims without a second thought and yet there is absolutely no fundamental difference in their reasoning and yours. It’s complete irony.

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