Exposing a FaceBook troll.

Having had this blog for awhile but never truly deciding what to do with it; it seems now I’ve found a great use for it. I’m now going to use this as a way to combat the badly behaved religious fascists on facebook. Everyone should know, or have been witness to at least several incidents in which theists have had content removed, admins banned or pages shut down entirely because they believe that they should not be criticized in any form. This has now happened to my page as well.

On my personal account, I follow a page called Calling All Atheists. As the name suggests, this is a page that, at least used to, make an attempt at discussion between atheists and theists. It has progressively devolved into an all out page for religious proselytizing, and a general hateful diatribe against atheism in which criticism or argumentation will get you banned. I’ve watched many comments deleted and users banned.

I watched as a post went up to on CAA and screen capped the status:

Calling All Atheists

So, I watched with a passing interest and posted the image to my page with the description “I’m almost convinced this page is a Poe”. Keep in mind, CAA is a public page which anyone can see. Then the following topic arose with this post to the CAA page:

photo (1)

Now this is where the trouble starts…

Fullscreen capture 162013 103147 AM.bmp

The second comment is the one I took exception to for two reasons, the first and most obvious, it’s absurd to say that anything you don’t believe is therefore a lie. Secondly, Wayne Curry( a commenter on a status) had been banned for calling out a lie just previously to this. Rhonda then proceeded to report the above image, which facebook dutifully removed. Now, she didn’t even address the image, she stated that I was lying that someone had been banned from CAA. So I posted this screenshot I took directly from the CAA wall:


So, Rhonda did the only thing that was available to her, she reported the image. Which was again dutifully removed by facebook which initiated a 24 hour ban of my posting abilities. I couldn’t even like statuses on my personal account.

What happened next was a long drown out conversation between a friend acting as an admin, my wife(another admin) and Rhonda. The entire conversation was mind numbing incoherent vomiting of inconsistency, hypocrisy, conspiracy theory, and lunacy that ended with a thinly veiled fascist threat from Rhonda:

photo (2)

That’s right, a threat that says that she will be watching. That her arguments lack any merit of their own and that she cannot take any critisism at all. That if she sees anything she doesn’t agree with or criticizes her, she will have it removed because she can’t defend herself.

You are a coward Rhonda, of the worst stripe. Fearful, childish and insecure.

187 thoughts on “Exposing a FaceBook troll.

    1. Look here you fucking deranged fruitcake, you can start making posts that make some kind of sense in this universe, or you can get the hell out of here.

      One thing you’re about to do if you chose to stay is answer a straight forward simple question. A question I’ve repeatedly asked that you have repeatedly ignored, and let me tell you, you’ve picked the wrong day buttercup. You are going to explain, right now, in a clear and coherent manner, exactly, what I’ve said that was a lie.

      You answer that or you can gtfo.

      1. I enjoy it here Ken….all my old enemies dropping by to pay their respect! Like flies..LOL
        Naw, think I’ll ride it out a bit longer :/

  1. get rid of the blog and you get rid of me. Simple!
    The problem you have then is I have copied every word….
    Seems to me you are the pawn in this group….this isn’t about you now. But thanks for the link-up to Ian…it’s hard to get ahold of someone I have to keep blocked. Thanks

    1. You think it can’t work both ways, sweetheart? You really are a delusional twat. Keep up the good work, girlfriend — witnessing your mental downward spiral is quite entertaining.

      1. NO ONE CARES if you were lying numbskull!
        There is NO ISSUE if the cap is removed! Just a matter of time and these airheads will have moved on to taunt someone else….
        They couldn’t care a less about YOU…you ain’t figured that out yet?

        So take the WHOLE ugly mess down …and so will I.
        That’s the ONLY way you will be rid of me.
        I’m waiting & watching…..

  2. Oh one says Rhonda, you encourage others to join in your childlike pastimes, you create a blog yourself to harass people, in poxy little secret groups, you blatantly refuse to answer a simple question as to why you accused someone of lying, and you did accuse them because i saw it, and you seem to think this is christian behaviour, you are an arrogant half witted pimple on a chimpanzees posterior, why dont you do the entire human race a favor and go play with the traffic on the freeway, thanks and remember, Jesus loves you!

      1. So ur hubbys name is Ken…yours must be Barbie…LOL
        Ok! Barbie, doll haha…..Yes THANKS IK Jesus loves me…you…NOT SO MUCH!

      2. TRA, she’s convinced I’m your wife. I’ve told her before that I’m Gary’s mistress, but she just won’t hear of it.

    SEE! I have a problem with ppl who take caps of other pages with only intent to mock & berate them for THEIR views!
    I have a problem with ppl who make ** 8 ** duplicate page JUST to mock & harass Christians and the ppl who comment on their Christian page!
    I have a problem with dumb asses making TROLL pages that mock MY name or any of my friends names (Kicky Moop, Terri Pattison, ECT)
    I have a problem with sicko ppl who cap comments about MY FAMILY and take it to their sickass pages to mock & berate them, making fun of their mental illness.
    I have a problem with IDIOTS who make TROLL pages to mock the death of MY DOG

    IAN…When I can flip through Facebook and look up every single TROLL PAGE that YOU or any of your disgusting friends made against me, my family or my friends & my dog …GONE
    THEN and ONLY THEN will I ever get off your back! You’ve pushed me for a year and your time is done…you will NOT beat me down to your level.

  4. I don’t need to anything but hang out and enjoy the show!
    Hey, while ur up getting a beer, bring me a sammich & a soda! Thanks! You’re a doll!

  5. The Redneck Atheist January 10, 2013 at 11:03 pm
    I’m sorry, excuse me but this blog post happens to contain screen caps proving I wasn’t lying about what I stated. I’m not going to delete it so you can unravel your undergarments.

    NO ONE HERE cares about your “proof”…it’s not about YOU anymore Ken!
    Take the page down…I will take mine down. Well, the part that has any mention of YOU anyways…the stuff I posted about the criminal trolls will be staying so all my friends will continue to see the garbage they do to Christians!


  6. Now that I’ve gotten your attention.

    If you continue this charade, I’m going to permanently add you to the spam filter.

    You are not going to continue to use my pages, my blog, or anything else I have control over, to promote yourself, your unintelligible ideas, your panache for melodrama, or anything else.

    Here, you are going to behave with dignity, with a scrap of integrity, and you will conduct yourself in a clear and coherent manner or not at all. This is not a platform for your drama-fest.

    The fact you’re demanding that I take this blog post down is ludicrous and unacceptable. You made a claim that I was lying, this blog post directly lays out who is in error. It’s not coming down, if it does, it will be going onto my personal domain, that I own, and then it’s going to be permanent.

    If you wish to rattle on incoherently, fine, you can do whatever you wish, but you ARE going to do it somewhere else. The internet isn’t your personal soapbox. It isn’t yours to control. You do not get to decide who gets heard and who doesn’t. The fact you demand that I take my own defense down is irrefutable proof of just how dishonest you are. It stands as a testament of just how positive you are, that this page shows just how much of a hypocrite you really are. That’s why you want it down.

    So you better get this straight, this page is not coming down if I have anything to do with it. You better get used to the fact that people on the internet are going to say shit you don’t like. And they will call every single piece of bullshit that they catch you spewing.

    You had better get real damn used to it.

    One, just one more incoherent, rambling comment by you that does not address a challenge made for you to substantiate your insane claims, and your ass is going into the filter, permanently.

    Is that clear?

    1. As I said before Redneck Ken…this is no longer about you….I have copied all of this blog from beginning to end and tomorrow I am taking to the police and making a few more phone calls…what ever I have to do to get rid of Ian Howard.
      Don’t worry Ken…I am going to omit YOUR comments and all you have to say about the beginning of this BC I ONLY want to hang Ian…not you.
      I am glad we met Ken, for your blog brought Ian to the surface OUTSIDE of facebook and I have more choices now how to get rid of him!
      Wish me luck…for I am sure you do not want trash like him around either.
      You can filter me if you want to…but I tell you, once Ian & his trash are gone…We will ALL be in peace!
      You and I are done… Ian and I are just getting down to it!
      Goodnight and Godbless.

      1. Well, that actually was a coherent post.

        Alright, well, I have no idea what you two are on about, so I have no business in the matter.

        But I would like to reiterate one more thing again, my name isn’t ken.

      2. Redneck….I hope you chose wisely about your acquaintance with Ian…as you have witnessed…as soon as he showed up his gang soon followed and you can see for yourself the filth they are.
        I see by your page, you seem to be a very kind man and I am sorry you have been brought into Ian Howards light…I hope you can make a clean break from him & his like….Can you believe me now that I HAD to ask to be banned from my friends page? BC Ians creeps would not stop HARASSING them…and they were only doing it to get at me!These are a sick bunch!
        I’m so sorry to have brought them to you…..
        I will leave you out of my reports tomorrow…I promise that.
        Good luck to you and ur page…Peace

      3. Please do Rhonda, as I am sick of your antics and outrageous accusations.
        I look forward to exposing your bullying and harassment of me, and others.
        I too can make screenshots, and I am not selective/dishonest with them. Mine, yours and several others will be included.

      4. “Redneck….I hope you chose wisely about your acquaintance with Ian…as you have witnessed…as soon as he showed up his gang soon followed and you can see for yourself the filth they are”

        My gang?. Seriously? I got here by clicking on a link on an atheist page. I would assume the others did the same. But hey, don’t let that spoil your delusion.
        And before you ask, no! I won’t give you the name of the page that I got the link from, because, as per usual you will no doubt start your harassment and false reporting there as well.

  7. Dear Rhonda, thanks for your message
    Rhonda Pattison
    Remove this whole page or facebook will. Its not a request. Its an order!
    I like it when you get mad and tell me what to do, it makes me go all squishy

  8. Rhonda, nobody is your enemy here, except yourself, Im glad ive been pointed here because all i can see is that you continually embarrass yourself with your insanity, dishonesty and downright fuckwittery, show it to everyone, I wouldnt if i were you, youve been soundly shown up to be what you are and i personally thank TRA for allowing the rest of us to come have a looksee, your a deranged looney, your husband has mental health issues? Im not surprised shacking up with you, you probably did it. Ill get you a sammich and a soda if you like, only on the condition i can shove it in for you lololol

    1. It seems that it’s not the first time she’s done this. Which should come as no surprise.

      This in my mail today.

      Dear Iain Howard

      Thank you for your mail.

      I have yet again closed Down a website of hers.

      Best regards,

      Support Supervisor

  9. It’s from simplesite.com. I mailed them yesterday, regarding the content on her page, and they have deleted her. Seemingly, it’s not the first time they have had to do it.

    1. You know, if you spent less time dicking around on the internet and spent a little more time with your husband, he probably wouldn’t seek comfort in the arms of another woman.

  10. I am having issues with trolls as well. I have outed them on my blog too. If FB will not deal with them and we get banned, then we can post on our sites. We didn’t make them say what they did but we can show people what they say and do. Facebook is a sad place when you cannot just meet with your friends and get trolled by strangers who have nothing better to do with their time.

    1. Indeed.

      I’m still just flabbergasted by the notion that on fb, we are seriously told to not criticize anyone.

      I’m sorry, growing up in a country were I’m granted free speech and free expression, I take it for granted, that this is exactly what I’m allowed to do.

      Except for social networking sites. I think it’s a pretty shitty way to conduct yourself by banhammering everyone who says something one doesn’t like.

    1. Rhonda, I’ve given you far opportunities to have a civil conversation about your views. You have refused to be rational, nor have a rational discussion.

      Probably the only reason you’re still here is because you are horrifically pissed that you cannot abuse reporting features.

      You’re further going to be shit out of luck on my site we you haven’t got a snowballs chance in hell of taking anything down.

      Feel free to stop by any time you’d like. But the requirement to be a rational will stand.

      1. I don’t waste my time with ppl like you anymore and haven’t for a few months. Free of you except in daily ‘real life’…. I like it better that way. In that I mean, I can see their eyes in ‘real life’, I can see in the ‘windows’ of their soul and know when their scared and want to know Jesus or if their just full of crap…
        It’s been neither a pleasure nor hindrance running into you RNA…. just a blip on my radar really. I have no interest in you. Life moves on and I have flown down the stream just as you have. I’ve read your ‘rants…. sad really…. but the reality I am well aware of is not all will make it to the heavenly places, I have to accept it, even if I find it sad.
        Have a nice wasted life RNA & wife.

        1. I’m glad you’ve found better things to do.

          You still haven’t seemed to learn your lesson though. People are free to say and do as they wish. Just as you are. That has never been a one way street Rhonda. It isn’t just you that gets all the freedoms.

          But at least you’ve given up your crusade. That at least is something I guess.

          1. Any lessons I am to learn will be posed by my God… YOU, my dear redneck were one of them… like it or not! I’ll not waste my analysis on you, what you have taught me… but believe it or not your page did re-open some doors that God wanted me to revisit with the unsavory folks and it appears my relationship with those ppl has been mended somewhat. So I have to thank your page for at least that (your page, not you). I don’t try to control what ppl say or do… don’t know where you got that idea either.
            Anyways… enough time wasted…. have a nice day.

          2. I’m glad you have mended your ways enough to improve your relationships with people. It’s good to see your attitude improving.

            And yes you did try to ban, silence and remove anything I said you didn’t agree with. I’m pretty sure had you had the option to get me banned and removed from WordPress, you would have tried it.

            But it’s nice to see you’ve grown up a bit.

          3. UR hilarious RNA! I’ll leave you to your pompous pioty and be on my way. I may drop in time to time…. look for me then and not before.

          4. I’m not pious in the least and I also know the limits of my own knowledge or lack thereof.

            You on the other hand, not only claim to know things for which you cannot provide any evidence for but claim to absolutely know things that no human can possibly know.

            You further claim that books are completely false. Not just because you haven’t read them but further still have not even researched at all. But because you just know.

            Forgive me for thinking that its not my arrogance that should be questioned.

          5. Always have another point to make or another dig to get in RNA. Listen, I already put up with enough deciept in my own life, I don’t need your 2 cents in there too. All your ‘words’ will one day come back to bite you in the ass, but keep talking, you love to hear yourself talk.
            Now can you just let it go, for once, or shall you keep chewing ur cud. How many time can I bid you an (insincere) good day?

          6. As long as you’re being insincere and claiming falsehoods, I don’t and never will consider the matter officially dropped.

            I will bother you or cyberstalk you in the way you have me of course. But I don’t think it appropriate to issue a public notation saying I accept your behavior in any way.

            A sincere apology for your behavior would, of course be a start. But that would require some sincerity and a much needed dose of understanding everything you’ve done wrong.

          7. LOL! That take that whole cake,really!
            No apology forth coming, just a big *YAWN*
            Your voice may entertain the crowd you like to surround urself with but it lulls me to sleep.
            Like a deer caught in the lamps glow, dazed. Keep thinking you are entitled to anything from me, I suppose if nothing else that’s ur reason to live. Sad really. Everything atheist do is sad, cause they think they got it so right.
            Jesus is the only way…..
            Ok, until next time.

          8. Well, I’ve attempted the repeated humility of asking where I’ve been wrong an you have yet to even acknowledge that challenge.

            Secondly, every action you have taken this far has been in direct opposition to notions of free speech, free expression and honest and critical thought.

            You’ve shown yourself repeatedly to be loudly against anyone having the ability to criticize you or your ideas and have evoked every possible kind of dishonesty to further this agenda of yours. You’ve abused face books reporting system not because you were being attacked but because you already knew that Facebook almost always takes content down. Some of the reporting system does this on automation. It’s pretty ripe with abuse across the spectrum of pages. Not just atheist ones.

            Anyway, the evidence is pretty stacked against your case that I ever misspoke or was misleading in any statements. On the other hand, your position is pretty much exactly as I’ve stated.

          9. Rhonda not to be the devil’s advocate or anything but how do you know Jesus is the only way? Maybe it’s Allah who is the only way or maybe the Jehovah’s Witnesss’ got it right. How do you know if in fact there is a Jesus and he is the only way? I am not Christian and find it really funny how people like Christians will spout off their bible but not really follow it like the part of not judging lest ye be judged for instance but then again if you flip back a few books you find that God was okay with children and women being harmed if a man thought they did something or worse yet to be used as a sexual object. I don;’t believe you should preach about your God to someone on a blog that clearly states “athiest”. If you feel that you need to save someone, why not help that abused child in your community. You trying to change an Athiest into a Christian is like a Christian trying to change someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. Not going to happen. Do like thumpers mommy who said “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” it’s been fun reading your rants back and forth though. He is right btw Freedom of Speech is his right as well as yours. Just my two cents really not that they matter. lol

          10. I would point out one thing. Being an atheist does not equate to being gay. Gay would be part of who you were and it would be unreasonable to change. You can color your hair but that doesn’t make you a natural blue haired person.

            Atheists I know are the most amenable to reason and argumentation. If she had evidence or reasoning to support her claims; I would be the first to admit it and alter my position. If that evidence was real of course. But so far, she has not even attempted to offer even an explanation of anything she claims. Much less evidence.

  11. See, this is the ‘kind’ of garbage I don’t need in my life. If ur all so happy living in sin & only for urselves, be my guest. continue down that road. It’s ur choice.
    I don’t need to prove Jesus to you all, for only when one WANTS to know Jesus will He reveal Himself to them.
    You live for this kind of thing RNA…. it’s sickening…. disgusting. You think ur so right and the day will come when you will be very shocked to learn just how very wrong you are. That goes for all atheist who deny the living Christ.
    Sad, so so very sad.


    1. Yes you do need to prove that what you’re saying is true.

      You seem to think we haven’t already examined a good deal of evidence regarding history and science. We already know the bible is not a reliable historical record, in any sense. You also seem to be under the grave misapprehension that we are supposed to believe it, not just on no evidence whatsoever, but under the threat of eternal torment if we don’t believe a patent lie.

      This is raving nonsense that no should be expected to put up with. I wouldn’t put this dilemma to anyone and I expect the same respect in return.

  12. Even satan acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord of Lords & King Of Kings. It doesn’t surprise me atheist find no answers to their questions BC they seek with satan sitting on their shoulders and no love for Jesus in their hearts. You will always accuse the Christians of being liars. So be it. You will get to meet Jesus one day though…. your last day. And then God will erase you from this world & all memory of you shall go with you. That is the hell I believe awaits those who deny Christ. They will receive exactly what they gave Jesus.
    ERASURE from existence.
    No eternal hellfire. Just satisfaction, obliteration.
    “Truer words never spoken” RNA?
    You know only satans truth. Your choice. All atheist alike.

    1. It might be infantile for me to need to point this out but we don’t believe in satan either.

      Further, given the ferocity of gods genocidal bloodlust, his apparent desire for women to be the property of men and raping a woman so she would give birth to himself to have himself executed for non-crimes of future non-criminals and then further designing an eternal torture chamber for innocent people to burn in for all eternity; all of which I might point out, are things satan refused to be complicit with. Even going so far as to give mankind critical thinking.

      One might want to reconsider who’s side of this legend one desired to be on.

    2. Hmmmm Ronda it’s fine if you believe in a god by why do you feel it necessary to attack those who do not? So what you are saying is the one true god is known as Jesus only and no other name. So Ronda do you follow all of the bible or do you just pick and choose what you do? I mean if you believe in Jesus then why not be loving and kind as he was and not judge others for their own beliefs? Jesus didn’t judge anyone no matter what they did even if they were a prostitute, so why do you think you can? Kind of hypocritical if you ask me. Have you read the entire bible and if so then can you tell me where the rest of the world came from after Adam and Even and their son Caine and Abel. Caine killed Abel. So what is your theory on where the rest of the world came from? I am interested if you know the answer. I do. You should have no problem answering that question I would think. Attacking people because they do not believe the same thing you do is silly to say the least. You can’t save everyone but you can save an abused child, why not start there? Arguing online and trying to force your own opinion on a stranger is silly. Worry about changes in your life like for instance not judging lest ye be judged.

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