The Redneck Atheist Position

Since I’m often asked this question, I thought it might be wise to make an answer available for everyone to reference. As in a previous post, this will not be an in depth debunking of every religion, but a summarized if brief, overview of my position.

The Atheist Position

No sufficient evidence has ever been adduced to suggest that any deity is real. From the Greek Gods to Christianity and Islam, no evidence has ever been produced by the proponents of these religions to think that they are any more likely than any other mythology.

What evidence we do have, in fact, goes the other way. From the early books of the Christian Old Testament, the evidence immediately starts to diverge from the accounts posited by Christianity. From the science of biology which shows that the species we see today, were not created in their current form but the result of a extremely long and complex process of trial and error, extinctions and explosions of life.  From recorded history, archeology and other disciplines, the evidence clearly shows that most of the events of the Christian religion, simply did not occur and show signs that parts were probably borrowed and assimilated from older civilizations and religions.

There are moral difficulties with religion and the deities they describe as well. The salient fact of the matter is, that even if the bible and koran were true, it would make no difference to myself and many other atheists. We would acknowledge that Yahweh does exist, but we would still not worship him. The god Yahweh, as described by the Christians, is an immoral character of horror and indiscriminate cruelty. The Muslim version of this character is just as bad off.

This is not to say that, no god can exist. I and many other atheists will tell you that, we can not say that a god, somewhere, doesn’t exist. It’s an unfalsifiable claim and there is no way to disprove that premise. But I have no problem saying that the Jewish deity, along with it’s Christian and Islamic instantiations, do not exist.


4 thoughts on “The Redneck Atheist Position

  1. To me and I am also an atheist, The Bible and Koran are nothing more than history books and guide books to allow the ignorant of the time to have rules and guides to live by. They were things that kept them healthy (ie; pork, should have said not undercooked, not just dont eat it) Same with other things, Marriage of dead brothers wife ( helped to support the family) etc. Just to name a few. Other wise as you said there is no proof of any of the 1000 or so god that have existed in mans imagination since the beginning of time. Like all guild books, they out live its usefulness, And need to be thrown out or revised with new ones. And this time leave out the fake gods.

  2. Stone age, Bronze age, Iron age, Dark age, Enlightenment, Imperial, Industrial, to modern a age, all have given birth to numerous mythologies to explain those things they don’t understand YET. The more they understand, the more they change. But none of them prove the existence of any supernatural being whatsoever. We have ZERO scientific evidence of any supernatural beings
    Everything works according to scientific laws, and if they don’t, the law needs changing. But they still come down to NEW laws that DO fit. ALL mythologies rely on NOT changing. When techonology advances, they make a NEW religion, they don’t change the old one. And those who continue to adhere to the old ones get more and more radicalized and disenfranchised. They are a means of controlling people and their behavior when crime solving could be very difficult. Sin is DEATH! Even if we don’t get you GOD WILL! Its a scam, always has been. The fear is that atheism gets radical, in that the key to morals is now the benefit of civilization, and if you break laws, it is uncivil, and incivility leads to anarchy, where all morals disappear. Chaos kills. It is civilization which has shown us we don’t need myths and gods. Take it away and you go right back to the beginning with new silly gods.

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