The Dealbreaker

In this post, I want to discuss Christianity and will be speaking within the context of that religion and not Islam, Judaism or religions in general because I was at one time, a Christian. A brazenly liberal one, but a self-identified Christian nonetheless. As for those who wish to split hairs and attempt to counter with a logical fallacy by stating that, “You never were a real Christian”(with or without several exclamation points); I would say, don’t bother.

Having been an ex-Christian for quite some time now, I was thinking back and trying to identify the one deformity of my discarded faith that had been one thing in particular that I could never have reconciled with my faith. Now, leaving aside the numberless contradictions, incoherence’s, immoral actions, demented pronouncements, lies, stupidities, and genocidal blood lust that gleefully drips from nearly every page along with the hysterically happy perpetrators; one thing always stuck with me as something that to be true, would be the ultimate deal breaker.

I’ve heard a some atheists say, “I wish I could believe” or that they wished it to be true. I am not one of those who can now look to Christianity and claim with a straight face, that I desired any of it to be true. However, leaving aside the above mentioned offenses, and further assuming that, I did desire it to be, in some way true; I would need plausible explanation, of titanic proportions, detailing the near impossible: The explanation of readiness for Abraham to murder his own son in cold blood and a further detailed explanation, also with the earnest requirement for it to be plausible, that God, should at any time have even asked Abraham for this absurdity.

Surveying the history of this absurd cult, it may be fruitless to ask for consistency and lucidity but it is my right if not responsibility to ask for them, since the believers demand on authority from the almighty himself and under threat of excruciating torment for all of eternity that I believe, and celebrate this heinous atrocity.

The first problem arising from this nonsensical tale of parenting gone awry, that would disgrace even a Jerry Springer episode, is to point out that the believers themselves, if not God himself, claims that he or Yahweh is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. I should not need to, but for the sake of some readers, I will necessarily have to expound. If god possesses these qualities of omniscience and omnipotence, then he, by definition, would already know the outcome since these qualities nullify freewill and bolt the universe into a linear line of past, present and future. All of which is known by god. So, the outcome being already known to the supreme leader, only raises the question, of what use is the test then? Since it’s obviously not a test. “He’s testing his faith and devotion” the believers will no doubt say. But this, as I’ve pointed out, is not an answer since there’s no real test going on. No, there must be another answer. I myself am left with only two possible explanations. This could be a case of sheer malevolence, as in the haphazard case of the luckless Job who found himself in the cross hairs on one of God’s better days or, that, whatever it is that the Christian’s beloved murderous hero is speaking to, it isn’t god. At this point, we’re left with those two possible explanations for this bit of raving lunacy. Malevolent cruelty on the part of Yahweh or, mental disorder on the part of Abraham. In either case, why should this be a prophet or deity that one should even wish to emulate. It’s absurd and viscous to the highest possible  degree.  If anyone has come up with a better explanation, please let me know.

So to this I say, this is my deal breaker. I found it bizarre as a child, cruel when I was a teenager and after becoming a father, revolting to the point of causing me nausea and raging in a way I never thought possible. This isn’t the worst offense to human dignity among the many wicked stories contained in the bible but for me it encapsulates the point of inhumane cruelty in such a manner that no further investigation into the stories should even be necessary.

9 thoughts on “The Dealbreaker

  1. I think God is something that lives in us. God is not separate from us and I think what religion has done is taken away the true meaning of God. The truth is God Is Love. Love is unconditional, compassionate and does not discriminate. God created the world and said it was perfect so I am sure their in a place for everyone here. Regardless of our differences. We should live and let live and learn from each other in the process. The bible was written by men and translated many times so things get lost in translation. I believe the bible should be use only as a guide.

    1. What you are describing as god sounds more like deism or possibly pantheism to me.

      One might like to think god is love but the religious have the odd habit of claiming authority to define god in their own image and claiming god is love while simultaneously mentally or physically torturing someone.

      If you yourself made the claim that god is love and set up a system built upon this, then in what respect would you be a Christian?

      Anyway, the OT of the bible isn’t and should never be used as a guide for anything useful. Much of the NT should go the same way. With the exception of most of what Jesus is purported to have said, the rest is something less than worthless.

  2. i would question using the bible as a “guide”.. a guide for what? we can teach how to love one another, how to be kind and good and all those things without a bible! i do believe in living and letting live, but when policy in washington is made with “christian beliefs” in mind then i will fight back…..

  3. i agree with you on all points, however, i don’t believe we have to disbelieve the bible and other “holy” books….all we have to do is continue to educate ourselves about the reality of this magnificent universe with all its wonderful qualities, both known and unknown to us then the silly superstitious beliefs of unevolved humanity will just fall away….the bible and all “religious” superstitious beliefs just disappear in the “light” of knowledge….unfortunately the trouble with most atheists is they really aren’t true atheists, they are still searching, and would like to have it proved to them…..just like the theists!! i had a church person come to my door recently, told him i was an atheist and he asked me how i became an atheist…when i told him “education” he left….an atheist has nothing to prove!!!!!

    1. Well, in another post about my position, I go into that. While I cannot say that some such deity does not exist, I can say with as much assurance as possible, that Christian god doesn’t exist. Same for all of the other religions.

  4. I would imagine a Good Christian would point out that the examples you cite (Abraham and Job, although there are countless others you could describe) happened in the Old Testament. They would say that when Jesus showed up, this hit the “reset” button on the universe, so shut up, that’s why.

  5. RNA you have no insight on the true meaning of this story and even if I were to explain it to you, you would not be able to grasp the meaning.
    Liken it to the sacrifice willing men & women make when they volunteer to defend their country in war, where they may be sent to be in a live battle and maybe even be murdered themselves.
    That is a clue to the meaning… but I won’t waste my time explaining any more to you for you heart is dead to the truth of God.

    1. The problem with this analogy is that, aside from not being quite accurate, is that the war is completely illusory. There is no battle in which an honorable self-sacrifice was made.

      This makes the sacrifice a suicide with a flare for the overly dramatic. Besides, there’s the added claim that he died for something when he didn’t really die at all.

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