The Confusion of Rights

After having witnessed the odious ongoing kerfuffle of the unsuspecting masses coming into collision with unbelief and encountering for the first time, and much to their horror, someone who dared to not take them or their deity at face value; I find myself developing a quite thickened callous on my forehead from repeated strikes against immobile objects.

The following image appeared on my news stream via Fundies Say The Darndest Things:1098258_612281208816734_1583345213_n

There seems to me, to be a fundamental disconnect or more probably, a misfiring of their cortex that leads a great many of them to the mistaken belief that they have the right to say or do whatever they wish and that the sub-human infidel has no rights, whatsoever. Twice now, I have had people on my friends list tell me straight to my face, this very thing. It is sternly asserted, that it is their undeniable right to persecute anyone they choose at any time, by virtue of their affiliation with their mythology and I am never, ever allowed to interfere with this fundamental right. I ardently disagree to, say the least.

After having to witness the absolutely hysterical intensity with which the tide of pseudo-fascists came crashing down upon the ‘Report’ button of a page entitled “Virgin Mary Should Have Aborted“; none of this should have been a shock. But their is something about the whole thing wreaked of insecurity and the feeble-minded idea that they were above any and all criticism.

It’s more than simply a surreal experience to have anyone literally attempt to silence you while at the same time allowing themselves the freedom to verbally or emotionally abuse whomever they wish. All of this, on a scale that’s unimaginable and with such malevolence that is quite impossible for the average atheist to even contemplate. It’s breathtaking arrogance and hateful in the extreme.

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