Welcome back.

The Redneck Atheist

The Redneck AtheistWell, after more than a year of being down, TRA.com is back.

I will, needless to say, be keeping the site to a minimum for awhile. When the original tra.com was up, it had forums and many other features which mostly went unused.

I’m definitely going to try to write some material when, and if, my muse deems me worthy enough.

There are some issues with the site though.

  • Images may or may not be missing from old posts and/or pages.

This is due to the back up of the site including everything but any actual media that was in the post or page. I’m going to be attempting to find the originals but, don’t hold your breath.

If anyone else notices any other oddities, please let me know by filling out the contact form on the contact page, or by leaving a comment here.

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