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I’ve recently run across an organization on Facebook called Choices4Life. I typically pass these pages by because they’re typically just some misinformed Christian on some personal quest to outlaw abortion. Even in cases of rape, incest, or extreme health risks like ectopic pregnancies. However, something caught my eye. They had a website. So I decided to take a look.

The About section of the website claims that,

“CHOICES4LIFE was established February 2011 to promote and restore honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception. We are hands on help both financially and emotionally for those who are in that group. The goal is to educate the world to the value of every human life conceived and to raise awareness of the multitudes living in shame from sexual abuse that isn’t their own. God has a greater plan than shame…”


Reading this along with the rest of the page explaining what the organization does, I began to get the feeling that this was not an “organization” in the sense of many, or even a few people working together for a common cause, but instead the work of what is probably a single individual. Much of the prose that you will find on the site is quite bad. Particularly for an organization which purports to assist women with “rape pregnancies”. Much of the site uses terms like “rape pregnancies”, or “rape conception”, and almost always avoids calling such women victims. The writers avoidance of the word victim may itself be somewhat telling, and the site design is equally problematic with many links often opening new tabs or windows.

The organization seems to have been founded by a woman named Juda Myers. Who’s mother, if her story is true, was apparently the victim of what I can only describe as a brutal, and horrific rape. Her mother was then pressured to have an abortion which she steadfastly refused. She decided instead to give her child up for adoption rather than abort the pregnancy. To which I must say, good for her. A good number of young women and children who conceive as the result of rape do not have the emotional ability to carry the child, are not physically mature enough to carry the child to term, or have other heartbreaking medical complications.

Therein lies the problem though. Not every victim of rape, molestation, or incest is the same, and it’s not long before you notice this organization’s tendency to paint everyone with the same brush. And this is where it starts to turn a bit horrifying. It seems that this organization intends to pressure victims into carrying the pregnancies to term without regard to the person’s psychological, or medical safety. It’s this type of blatant disregard for someone’s personal liberty, as well as safety, that angers me. I don’t at all mind giving the victim of forced intercourse all of the information, professional medical advice, and professional, licensed counseling they need to make an informed decision about the best choice available for the mother, and child. But what I cannot abide are crusaders on a personal quest who would give pseudo-scientific medical and psychological advice to victims for purely ideological driven reasons. Sometimes giving extremely harmful, or even deadly medical advice at that.

15 Year Old Pressured
A 15 year old girl is pressured by founder Juda Myers to continue with her pregnancy.

In doing research on the founder I ran across a story written by her on another site about how a 15 year old girl who was possibly the victim of a rape—since her story isn’t given—mistakenly enters a “pregnancy clinic”(I’m guessing Myers meant an OB/GYN clinic) seeking an abortion. At some point, the pregnancy center commits what in my opinion is an egregious violation of medical ethics, certainly the girls privacy, and I’m sure HIPAA laws by calling Mrs. Myers in to intervene with the girl and convince her not to continue seeking an abortion. I don’t know what kind of medical clinic this was supposed to be, but personnel employed by the office who take it upon themselves to call a stranger in to invade the privacy of a patient is, to me, a violation of ethics. It would be different if the facility told the young woman that they needed to consult with another medical professional and brought in another doctor to consult with. But as far as I can tell, Mrs. Myers is not a medical professional in any field that I’ve been able to determine, as I’ve been unable to find her qualifications anywhere. Further, her blatant disregard for the patients is displayed in her crusade to save the life of the fetus, rather than it’s mother.

Choices4Life - Our 11 year old is in labor right now. She is 35...
A post from the Choices4Life Facebook page rejoicing for an 11 year old child going into premature labor.

 It was in researching more about the organization and it’s founder, Juda Myers, that I ran across a truly horrific Facebook post. I am unable to determine who the mother of the 11 year old child is, but reading the comments, as near as I can tell, there was at least some history of abuse going on because the admin repeatedly states that Child Protective Services put the 11 year old back into the house with a registered(?) sex offender. I’m not sure what exactly is going on with this episode, but I can be as sure as any rational human being can be that CPS certainly needs to be called again, and this girl immediately removed from the care of whoever her guardian is, and certainly kept away from Myers. If it’s the daughter of the organizations founder Juda Myers, then this raises some obvious and very serious questions for Mrs. Myers. Indeed, this entire thing just seems horrifying and surreal.

The admin repeatedly states the 11 year old is healthy, and that her pregnancy is completely normal, and simultaneously stating that she is going into premature labor almost in damn near the same breath without seeming to understand the contradiction. The admin also keeps stating that the 11 year old made a choice to carry the child to term. I’d like to point out to the admin who was posting this that, an 11 year old lacks the emotional maturity, and understanding to make such a decision. That’s why 11 year olds are minors. They have to have a responsible adult to make these kinds of serious, life-altering decisions for them, and whoever the guardian of this child was absolutely failed her in this regard. At this point I am just sickened beyond words. Some 11 year olds may be physically mature, and healthy enough to carry a child to term. But this does not mean in any conceivable way that it is not extremely dangerous to the life of the mother. I can assure you that it does not matter what your personal ideology about abortion is. Your ignorant, and unfounded opinion on the matter of abortion is utterly, and completely irrelevant in a case where the mother is an 11 year old child. Nor is your pathetic excuse for a deity anywhere to be found in this heartbreaking spectacle.

Myers’ organization also claims to be a 501(c)3 Tax exempt charitable organization. On her website I can’t find her EIN, nor can I find her exemption status filing with the IRS. Her organizations address is listed as Humble, TX on her contact page but I am unable to find an exempt charity in that city matching the name Choices4Life, and quite frankly all of this is starting to look a bit shady to me.

If someone wants to have a charitable organization dedicated to providing care for the victims of rape, molestation, or incest, I find that an entirely commendable effort. Especially if they can provide medical advice by a staff of certified medical doctors, and psychological counseling by certified professionals. You don’t even have to be a medical professional to set up an organization such as this. Anyone with the desire to help those in need can create such an organization, and staff it with volunteers from the applicable fields. But if you aren’t a medical professional, then you have no business providing medical advice, or pressuring, or coercing victims into following along with something for your own purely ideological reasons.

I will provide any updates on information regarding Choices4Life if I find anything.


As a sort of correction, it was unclear from information and the original post, who’s daughter the 11 year old child was. The post and language gave the impression that the admin was the child’s mother. Ambiguity aside, after looking back through many previous posts from Choices4Life’s Facebook page, it is now clear that the Admin who was posting about “their” 11 year old going into labor, was not in fact, the child’s mother. More than likely, it was probably Juda Myers who wrote the post. I have no way of knowing. It is clear, however, that the 11 year old should not be taking any advice from Myers or Choices4Life. As has been repeatedly demonstrated, Choices4Life’s sole interest is purely ideological, with complete and utter disregard for free choice and the health and welfare of the victims.

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