Man in West Virginia files suit against the teaching of evolution.

The True Origins of Man

The True Origins of ManToday I had the misfortune to stumble across an article about a fellow by the name of Kevin Smith, who had filed the four-page federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia against the Jefferson County Board of Education, state Superintendent Michael Martirano, National Institute of Health director Francis Collins, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the U.S. Department of Education. You can read about the episode via the National Center for Science Education.

“His complaint is against all Defendants, who’ve fostered the propagation of religious faith in our West Virginia public school machinery and government at large.”


His complaint is that,

“Their actions during the 2014-2015 school year affects my child’s future directly through the state grading system to enter college and the ability to earn economic security and a good job in her chosen veterinarian medical field of work, by being taught a faith base (evolutionary ideology) that just doesn’t exist and has no math to back it.”


The irony of implying that the teaching of evolution to your daughter in school will somehow impede or possibly retard her ability to learn or even that it might, preclude her from the wonderful profession of giving medical care to our distant relatives in the animal kingdom, was apparently lost on Mr. Smith. As we go further into the story, this doesn’t appear to be the only thing that has escaped Mr. Smith. A clue, surely tops that long and growing list of escapees.

If one digs a little deeper into the story, it won’t be long before you find out our biology hero Kevin, has written a book called The True Origins of Man, which “…represents the truth of man’s origins confirmed by D.N.A. mathematical and scientific facts…” and that “… the very beginning of man’s history is unveiled in a new light, which will be the talk of many prestigious inner circles of elite social groups and higher arc political policy makers,“. I don’t want to give anything away here but for all you aspiring biologists, rest assured “…Majoring student readers of this book will be informed first ahead of their college professors on the new direction of D.N.A.’s future of calculating the mutated percentage cells in any genome…“.

Perhaps it’s not biology he is referring to. Perhaps instead, when he creates a new sentence about biology, that sentence undergoes chance mutation and that’s why words appear where they shouldn’t and in the wrong order. That seems to be the only way I can discern why he spouts this dialect of word salad.

Or perhaps, this poor, misguided fellow, like so many others, has had his held filled with unintelligible ideas about biology, evolution and religion from his local pastor, Christian media and Fox News.

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