Hard hitting interview undertaken in the form of a cordial chat among friendly Christians.


MichelleAs I eluded to in a previous post; expressing my doubts that any interview of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, by anyone from Fox News–let alone Megyn Kelly–should be taken even remotely seriously. Fox News itself, being the megaphone for far right-wing bigotry and corporate interests that it is, had already displayed what spin many knew was already coming with the fundamentalist Christian conservative media darlings. Following it’s already worn out old script for what happens when any fundamentalist Christian conservative finds themselves in hot water; they avoid acknowledging it at all costs or desperately try to shift the blame. At any rate, this script was followed quite well until an unthinkable catastrophe struck. In some terrible confusion, possibly a scripting error, they spent nearly two minutes covering the story[1][2]. After this original error, or, sin if you will, Fox’s Megyn Kelly announced there would be an interview with Michelle Duggar and her owner, good ole boy’ and poster boy for pure Christian virility, godly semen spreader Jim Bob. In this interview shockingly enough, for once, Michelle’s vagina wouldn’t be mentioned.

Even the word interview is a laughable euphemism for this episode of groveling and pandering to a fatuous, bigoted, misogynist and ignoramus of cosmic proportions. This was no journalistic interview with the hopes of bringing the truth to light. It was a cordial conversation among friends who wanted to excuse themselves and their son. It was essentially an episode of explaining to real ‘Murkans why they should forget about the whole pathetic escapade and let them go back to making money by subjugating women on national TV. Nothing to see here except a lot of whitewashing and non-committal noises about what went on in the Duggar’s home. It reminds me a great deal of much of Christian theology and speeches by pastors. They can essentially speak at length and for extended periods of time without ever having actually said anything at all. We already know what kind of questions the Duggars don’t want to answer and we now know that they didn’t even come close. Salon easily shows 7 horrifying points of the interview and David Ferguson’s fantastic live blogging of the interview is awesome.

Lesson from ATI regarding abuse of female children in the home.
Lesson from ATI regarding abuse of female children in the home.

I guess we’ll leave all of the investigative journalism to those who are more qualified to do so apparently. Is it just me or does there seem to be quite a few things that seem a little too convenient? Like the fact that the Duggars homeschool their children using ATI materials. Which teaches what is pretty much the ownership of women, has some horrifying advice on sexual abuse within the home and the curriculum’s creator, was forced to resign amid allegations of abuse. Even the law enforcement officer which Jim Bob Duggar reported his son’s indiscretions to and who subsequently let Duggar go with a “stern talking to”, state trooper Joseph T. Hutchens, was later convicted of child pornography charges and is currently serving a prison sentence for those crimes. It’s important to note that Hutchens alleges that the Duggars withheld information from him or he would have pursued charges against Josh Duggar.

If you are beginning to see a pattern emerge here, I assure you, you are not alone.

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