Website Updates.

There are several updates to the website that I’ve put in. Most are simple, back-end features that no one will ever see and just make administration, or user navigation easier. Also, keep in mind most things, more than likely, aren’t remotely needed but in my tinkering added them anyway. A small list of some of them:

  • Added a caching system. This wasn’t actually needed right now and is more useful on much higher traffic sites. It’s there if it’s ever needed but for now is disabled. There isn’t enough traffic to warrant enabling it. Premeditated Niftyness.
  • Added a light box system. Clicking on an image in a post, now essentially brings up a larger version of the image instead of navigating to the image directly. Clicking anywhere will snap the image back and refocus on the page. Nifty.
  • Replaced the comment section with a new system. Looks cleaner, and works better than the old one. Uber Nifty.
  • Added the ability to comment with your Facebook, google+ or wordpress profile. I’ll most likely add more social network APIs in the future but everyone can still comment as guests without using any logins for now. Niftyness wasn’t required.
  • Added download system. It wasn’t really needed, but I put it in for the occasional download. Nifty wants to know why we the hell you put this in.
  • Added polling system. Nifty raises eyebrow and looks down the page.

On the commenting system. On posts, you could comment before, but the system was, to me, ugly and horrid. So I put in a new system that looks and behaves much better. You can either comment as a guest, or use your Facebook, Google+ or account. However, registering isn’t required and probably won’t be anytime soon. There is simply no reason to need registration that I can see.

Would anyone be interested in a new section devoted to recommended books or book reviews? People often ask me for good books on the subject of religion and/or science so I thought adding a section dedicated to man’s greatest invention might be a decent addition.

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