Catholicism SNAFU

Joel Wright
Joel Wright
Joel Wright. A 23 year old Columbus man was arrested for attempting to buy an infant to rape.

In a case that will be far from shocking to the secular community, yet another member of the Catholic Church has been arrested on charges stemming from attempting to adopt a female infant that he could rape.

Joel Wright, a 23 year old man from Columbus Ohio was arrested at San Diego International Airport by Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents. This seminary student had apparently placed an ad on Craigslist seeking to adopt an infant from Tijuana, Mexico. It seems that this gentleman had already traveled to Tijuana once in 2014, but fortunately was unable to secure a child.

This all apparently started when Wright took out the aforementioned Craigslist ad. An anonymous person started talking to Wright after seeing the ad, who at some point later called law enforcement, and then handed the account over to investigators who then started talking to Wright. It was in the emails that Wright expressed his desire to rape female infants, and at one point writing the horrifying to contemplate phrase, “I have not gone all the way before but I have made it very close in the past so I do have experance”. In what could have been any episode of To Catch a Predator, Wright flew to San Diego to meet with a tour guide that would take him to Tijuana so that he could pick out a female infant. Instead, he was handcuffed, and taken into custody at the airport on January 29th.

Joel Wright Arrest
Joel Wright’s January 29th arrest at San Diego International Airport.

This entire episode is the very thing the atheist, and humanist communities have been yelling about for years. Scandals, and offenses of this sort are nothing new to the Catholic Church. The Church’s membership has been accused of harboring a small army of sexual predators, and one could nearly fund a small country with the amount of money they’ve had to pay out in damages over the years. To make matters worse the accusations don’t even stop at just sexual crimes, but that the church itself knew about the offenses of priests and did nothing, or in some cases was actively shielding some of it’s members from prosecution. It’s the pervasive mentality of God given authority that frightens most secularists. It certainly frightens me. In the minds of the religious, God’s law supersedes man’s law. You can see quote after quote from the religious pointing the their belief that they do not recognize man made laws. They truly believe that if US law conflicts with God’s, then God wins by default. In the case of Joel Wright, he says that he wants to buy a female infant, he wants to own her. I can be as sure as one reasonably can be just where he got the idea that he can own another human being.

According to Father John Allen of the Pontifical College Josephinum where Wright had been a seminary student, Wright was no longer a student there. He had been summarily expelled from the college when it was found that he had left the facility without authorization. If this sounds odd, that’s because it is odd. Instead of expelling him for being charged with planning to rape an infant, the quick thinking Father claimed he was a “former seminarian” because he had left the college “without authorization” on the same day he just happened to be arrested at the airport. I’m not exactly sure who the Church thinks it’s fooling with this. In fact, their retroactive expelling of Wright looks suspiciously like the Church has something—yet again—to behave guilty about.

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